S M Abdur Rob


About Me

I am a passionate professional with a strong background in Designing, Instrumentation, Testing, Control, and Simulation of Sustainable HVAC Technologies and Refrigeration Systems. With close to 2 years of experience in this field, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems. In addition to my HVAC expertise, I possess over 2 years of experience in Analysis & Optimization of Advanced Manufacturing Systems. This multidisciplinary background has allowed me to approach projects from a holistic perspective, integrating principles of efficiency and sustainability into every aspect of my work. Currently, I am actively involved in cutting-edge research focused on the development, testing, simulation, and modeling of a Transcritical Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump System specifically designed for Northeastern U.S winter climates. Motivated by the urgent need to decarbonize cities, this project aims to address the challenges posed by extreme winter conditions while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. My role in this project encompasses a range of responsibilities, including Instrumentation, Control, and Data Acquisition using NI LabVIEW platform. I am also responsible for performing data analysis, modeling, and simulation, as well as building energy models and designing HVAC systems. By developing an efficient R744 Heat Pump System, we aim to replace the high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants commonly used in traditional heat pump systems. I am driven by a desire to contribute to sustainable solutions that positively impact our environment and society as a whole. Through my work, I aspire to bridge the gap between research and real-world applications, ensuring that innovative technologies are effectively implemented for a greener future. If you're interested in discussing sustainable HVAC technologies, refrigeration systems, or collaborations in the field of energy efficiency and decarbonization, I would be delighted to connect with you.